10 Januari 2011

Speed Up with Your DNS

For those of you who like to surf it's good to have to make changes to your DNS to get the DNS fastest way to improve speed Internet. If your Internet connection is unsatisfactory you can do this trick to speed up your Internet access.

Domain Name Server (DNS) is a translator that converts web names to IP addresses. When you click on the hyper-links, or enter an address like www.cobainternet.com in your browser, the browser sends the name to DNS servers that help route requests to the proper IP address URL. When you configure your ISP's internet connection is set up to use the ISP's DNS service. However, you are free to use other alternatives.

Thus, you can use Open DNS or Google Public DNS etc, to replace your ISP's DNS. Open DNS offers rich content-filtering options for privacy and family security. Google Public control has been engineered by Google for faster performance and better security. However, because of the complex variables involved, no single option can be said to be the best for all. So how do you know the DNS is the fastest for you? NameBench you can use the tool, which is a free tool to help you find the DNS fastest.

Before using this tool make sure all applications that connect to the internet you close it to ensure that results are not distorted by interference from another program using your network bandwidth. Download Namebench.

Download and run the application on windows namebench typing DNS name server to find out that you use to go to the Command prompt and then typing "ipconfig / all" without quotes and press Enter DNS address there will look you're using and your Internet connection provider.

Now switch to your DNS entries namebench tool if you want to enter more than one DNS nameservers used in the column with a comma see picture below.

After you enter the nameservers for the test data source select the browser you use on a global include Include best available control and you uncheck it if you just want to compare the control of you fed the nameserver box.

If the benchmark is click Start and wait some time after completion you will see laporanya accompanied by test results of name servers on your browser.

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